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The Lingerie Project: Seven Lingerie Brands to Rock This Valentine’s Day

In 2015, I sat in the middle of a Victoria Secret dressing room on the verge of tears. It was my first real Valentine's day— not any "makeshift and bullshit" Valentine's day—but a real one in a real relationship with a real man. I needed everything to be perfect. I spent the week purchasing tickets to the All Star celebrity game and planning out our weekend at the Air BNB...

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Harlem’s New Natural Hair Haven: Vivrant Beauty

As a product junkie, I know that shopping for products (that work well with my hair) can be overwhelming. I often find myself scavenging through multiple beauty supply stores in order to find just one particular product for my hair. That can get old real quick! [caption id="attachment_583" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] This is only half of my bad habit.[/caption] Luckily, I found a new black owned beauty supply that has become my new...

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