It took me a long time, but I’ve finally come to the blunt realization that we are going to be inside for a very long time. For the moment, I’m okay with that. Now that I’ve begun to process this, one of the things that has kept me sane is making my home someplace I actually want to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love being home — when it’s an option and not mandated—but, there were alot of things I went outside for. Coffee shops to do work. Walks in the park for fresh air and inspiration. You know, “normal” things.

After a few mini breakdowns and some room rearranging for the at-home workouts I don’t do, I realized how much space I actually have. That’s when the ideas flew: “I could have a desk here. A mood lamp there and a makeshift studio in this corner. An iridescent acrylic end table that I probably don’t need could go right there.” I’ve been making my space into the place I wanted and needed it to be. After scouring Rihanna’s internet, I made some purchases that my room and wallet aren’t mad at.

Whether your room is in need of a makeover or you just want to spice up your apartment mood board, here are some online shops to help complete your space:

Urban Outfitters Home: In the past, I’d usually hit the thrift stores for furniture, but that’s not our current reality. If you’re looking to make your space more aesthetically pleasing, Urban Outfitters is surprisingly your best bet. Recently, the brands have been tapping into promoting more housewares and what they’ve started to call the “WFH Gear” which means one thing — discounts! My favorite hack is to load up my cart with my favorite finds, then when I get a promo email ( which has been happening alot lately) I hit checkout. I recently bought a gold rimmed vanity for under $200 and a vase for $16. Whether you’re looking for a reasonably priced desk, an extravagant mirror, or something simple, Urban has got you covered.

Amaia Mirrored Arc Room Divider Screen – Out of Stock

Sissy Moon: Popularly known for her “Ball is Life” collection, Portland based brand Sissy Moon is great for the basketball or sneaker lovers in your life. When she’s not working on her basketball inspired line of ceramic mugs and planters which sells out in minutes, Sinda Karklina also creates custom pet portrait mugs. The artist is currently working on the next restock. Checkout her site and stay updated on the next drop here.

Dos Ojos Vintage: Is handpicked vintage housewares and fashion pieces your thing? Dos Ojos Vintage is just for you. The IG boutique updates its shop via IG Stories on a weekly basis with pastel vases, 70s decorative plates, and even vintage Dior clothing and swimwear.

Orange Mod Dessert Plate Set via Dos Ojos Vintage

M Home: Buying fresh flowers (when I can find them) is still one of my favorite things to brighten up my mood and room. While recycling old wine bottles and using them as vases is cute, I wanted to step it up and a friend recommended M Home. The online home goods store is known for its eccentric vases, candy dishes, and other colorful elements to help add some razzle dazzle your space. M Home is based in NYC, ships worldwide, and can be found on IG here.

Daisy Sculpture via M Home

Blk Market Vintage: Known for its vast collection of black memorabilia, heirlooms, and more, Blk Market Vintage is great for those who consider themselves to be antique collectors. This Brooklyn based shop, ran by Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart, carries vintage literature, vinyl records, clothing, art, housewares/decor, furniture and other goods. While the brick and mortar is closed, you can shop and support online here.

Mothball Memoirs: One thing I regret not doing before the pandemic began was hitting my local botanica. I definitely underestimated how much having access to my ritualistic goods would impact my mood. After cleaning up my space, I wanted to re-up my spiritual goods and that’s where Mothball Memoirs came in handy. Based in NYC and founded by Lala Lopez, Mothball Memoirs is a vintage clothing and sacred goods shop. If you need to restock your Florida water, crystals, incense, or just want to buy some vintage clothing to lift up your spirits, you can shop with this online safe space here.

Intuition Nourishing Kit with Antique Seashell Dish – $ 40.00

It’s The Boonies: I found Louisana based design and fabrication decor brand, The Boonies, on Instagram after finding a chain candlestick holder on one of my favorite candle sites. While the brand has everything from plant stands to taper holders, they specialize in making custom furniture such as bookcases and more which is definitely on my “New Apartment” mood board. When you’re ready for your custom pieces, check out The Boonies here.

Desktop Orbital Plant Stand – $38

Alyssia Mazzella: By now, I’ve probably mentioned how much I love candles. If I haven’t allow me to reiterate, I love candles. In fact, I usually keep a back stock of different scented candles for different occasions. But since the beginning of the pandemic, I realized how quickly I’ve been going through my stash. My latest obsession has been the sustainably sourced beeswax candles from Alyssia Mazzella. Based in upstate New York, Mazzella’s hand dipped candles scent smells amazing (just one taper really fills up a room) and is a great staple to have for your altar or your home. According to her site, “Hand dipped beeswax tapers are uplifting, energetic candles made for everyday use.” You can purchase some candles of your own here.

Honorary Mention: Hannah Candle, Lit Brooklyn, Boy Smells

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