Despite the rain blowing my mood and the perfect outfit I had planned, Broccoli City Fest was dope. The festival’s goal was to promote healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyles in cool and relevant ways. With healthy food truck alternatives, on-site spinning and yoga classes, and a strict recycling policy, Broccoli City Fest did just that.

Checkout the pics and recap on some of my favorite artists and vendors from Broccoli City below:

IMG_8893 IMG_8901 IMG_8974

Maybe it’s because I’m a HBCU Grad myself, but I fell in love with these HBCU Grad shirts. It didn’t hurt that the owners were easy on the eyes! You can buy HBCU Grad apparel here.



I absolutely had to cop a shirt from Mutha’s , Erykah Badu, tour merch table for two reasons: “Green Eyes” is one of my favorite songs and I love being able to wear my shade on my shirt!IMG_8994 IMG_9002 IMG_9004


This Virginia songstress goes by the name of Abir and was easily one of my favorite performances! She has a soulful voice to match her R&B/indie sound. She performed a couple of covers and original songs with a live band!  Listen to “Autumn”, which is now my favorite “I can’t stand you” song, here.


Kali Uchis




Tiara Thomas

IMG_9178 IMG_9219 IMG_9667 IMG_9688

Willow and Jaden Smith really stole the show, for me. When the two hit the stage, the audience could feel their energy. They sung their hearts out and even supported each other as Jaden shouted “She’s only 14, y’all” over the mic.

IMG_0004 IMG_0024Now, let’s get into Mutha’s set. I waited all damn day in the rain for Erykah. Around 9PM, she hit the stage with Thundercat by her side. Though I was a little disappointed she didn’t perform any of her songs, Erykah made waiting it the rain all worth it! Imagine Erykah doing runs and ad-libs over Kendrick Lamar tracks while the rain pours over a hyped audience. It was amazing! DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown played everything from Tyler, the Creator ‘s “Fucking Young/Perfect” to  ILoveMakonnen’s “I Don’t Sell Molly”. She wrapped up her set by giving D.C. a tribute to remember.

All in all, the rain didn’t dampen the spirits of those at Broccoli City Fest!

Next up for me is The Roots Picnic in Philly. What have been your favorite festivals to attend so far?

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