In 2015, I sat in the middle of a Victoria Secret dressing room on the verge of tears. It was my first real Valentine’s day— not any “makeshift and bullshit” Valentine’s day—but a real one in a real relationship with a real man. I needed everything to be perfect. I spent the week purchasing tickets to the All Star celebrity game and planning out our weekend at the Air BNB to the very last minute. I remember spending most of the week asking my partner what shade of blue his favorite color was. “Is it ‘blue blue’ or turquoise?” “Aqua blue or navy?” “What do you mean it’s just blue? Do you not know colors?!”

Being a size 36 DDD left my options for being sexy slim to none. Sexy was something that was new to me. “Cute,” “Pretty,” even “Beautiful” were words used to describe me, but never sexy. So, it was important to me to be sexy especially on the 14th. I sat in the poorly lit fitting room tugging and pulling at my least favorite places on my body through a matronly nightie the fitting room attendant found in my size. 15 minutes and a few wiped away tears later, I decided on a too small black and blue lace bra with the matching panties— matching panties and bra screamed grown woman to me.

Once the night finally came, I remember standing in front of my partner with my hands on my hips like a superhero. I felt like a perfectly decorated Christmas tree on December 25th. I felt like water to the thirsty. I felt more powerful than I ever had before, it was crazy what a little lace could do. The morning after, I asked my partner what he thought about my outfit to which he responded “Truthfully, I don’t even remember what it looked like. I just wanted it off…”

Thinking back to my first Valentine’s Day today makes me laugh for multiple reasons, but I never forgot how good I felt wearing lingerie. In an attempt to reclaim my sexy (we’re reclaiming everything thanks to the good sis, Maxine Waters), I’ve decided to add to my lingerie collection for no one else, but me.

If you’re in the market for new lingerie or just starting to build you collection, here are seven brands to buy from!

Black Owned:

As You Are Intimates

As You Are Intimates caught my eye a while ago on Instagram during its “Not so Nude” collection and I’ve been in love ever since! Created by Skylar Marshai, As You Are is a body positive and affordable lingerie brand based in NYC! The brand is currently offering 15% off using the code ‘TREAT’.

The New Suzy

Created by Suzy Black, The New Suzy encourages women to “go to bed pretty.” The brand’s latest collection is dedicated to the lace lovers with its bodysuits, panties, and underwire free bras. If you’re into delicate bedroom looks, this one is for you.


Size Matters (DD+ and Plus Sizes):

Toru and Naoko

Bodysuits! Bodysuits! Bodysuits! Toru and Naoko makes size inclusive lingerie and bodysuits—which can be worn as outerwear. Toru and Naoko hold it down for the plus sized women with its sizes going up to XXL and even custom sizing for particular pieces!

A’zaira Intimates 

For the ladies who are DD+, we all know how of a struggle it is getting a bra that is pretty and in our size. A’zaira Intimates offers very aesthetically pleasing lingerie in sizes up to H! Who says you can’t be heavy chested and have pretty bras?


Get Sexy:

Anya Lust :

If you want to buy your lingerie and body butter (because there’s nothing sexy about being ashy), Anya Lust is the place for you. From corsets and garters to silk kimonos and crystal vibrators, Anya Lust is your home to feeling sexy inside and out.

Bluebella Lingerie:

If “peek-a-boob” is your aesthetic, Bluebella Lingerie is just for you. The European brand is known for its intricate, sexy yet affordable pieces. Bluebella can also be purchased on Asos.

Musee Lingerie:

Located in NYC is one of my favorite lingerie boutiques, Musee Lingerie. Known for carrying many European brands, Musee is the place to go for everything from simple hosiery to high end lingerie.

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