Hi, my name is Jourdan and I’m obsessed with thrifting. From rocking high waisted mom jeans by Calvin Klein and an old school jersey, my aesthetic is very tomboy cozy… Think Khadijah James.

But, now that I’m older and growing tired of the sweats I’ve been living in all winter, I’m ready to switch it up and show off a more feminine side. I’ve secretly always wanted to channel early 2000s video vixen looks.

Do you see these glasses?!

Do you see this coat? This dress?!

Kelis’ bustier and satin green bomber?! Need I say more?

So instead of my quarterly thrift store run, I decided to hit a few vintage shops for more higher end pieces, accessories, and more feminine looks. Here’s a list of the best and my personal favorites in the city and online.

Screaming Mimi’s

Price Range: $40 and $200

Looking for deadstock frames from the 70s or one of a kind designer pieces? Screaming Mimi’s is the place for you. Located on 14th and 8th ave, this vintage spot is filled wall to wall with accessories and statements pieces. Though it was too narrow in the hips, I found a beautiful blue cheongsam— traditional Chinese body hugging dress— for only $50!


Price Range: $30 to $400

Located in the L.E.S., Metropolis is home to the rap/tour tee of your dreams! Every single thing inside the shop is placed in its specific section i.e. Simpsons tees, Tommy Hilfiger, leather, and more have their own home— making it alot more organized than other vintage spots. The walls are decorated with the store’s more expensive or one of a kind threads— most of which range from $150 to $450. One of my favorite pieces of the day was a rare 1996 Freaknik t-shirt that cost $150. It didn’t necessarily fit the apart of the look I was going for but it definitely fit the look I have now!

If you’re into original tour tees, 90s Tommy and more, hit up Metropolis while it’s buy one get one half off.

Eleven Consignment Boutique 

$80 to $300+

Easily our favorite store of the day (shoutout to Monroe!), Eleven Consignment Store was filled with exactly what we were looking for. Versace, Chanel, Hermes and more! The shoe collection caught my eye immediately! My inner Carrie Bradshaw came out as a pair of $125 Christian Dior sandals began to call my name. The great thing about Eleven Consignment was its impressive vintage luggage collection in the back.

If you’re looking for labels for the low, Eleven’s Brooklyn or Manhattan location is for you.

Online Vintage Boutiques

Though I didn’t have luck on my vintage haul, here are some of my favorite online vintage boutiques!

Imani Jahaan Vintage

Looking to bring colorful and bold prints into your summer? Try Imani Jahaan Vintage!


Designer frames, chains, and bathing suits. Reinvintage will definitely help you unleash that early 2000s video vixen look.

Shop Future

Looking for vintage denim? Shop Future is an online boutique filled with reconstructed Levis!

What’s your favorite vintage shop? Let me know in the comment section!

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