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Sun Out, Skin Out!: A Breakdown to the Best (Clear) Sunscreens For Deep Tones

First things first, this post is long overdue! From skincare routines to answering emails and even texting people back (Sorry!), I haven't always been the most consistent. But, one thing I have been consistent with is my use of sunscreen! After my first trip to the dermatologist last year, which resulted in my first skin scare (yes, black people can get sun damage), I've been applying SPF religiously. The only...

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Glo’ing Up: Five Ways to Combat Dry Skin

When you get older, everything changes — including your skin. So when my once uncomplicated skin started breaking out and getting extremely dry this winter, I freaked out. I bought all kinds of products dedicated to dry skin, stopped eating dairy (except for the occasional slice of pizza on a drunk night), and downed massive amounts of water. In the midst of complaining to my friends and other self proclaimed skincare...

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Glo’ing Up: The Best Body & Skincare Products Under $20

Hi, my name is Jourdan and I am a (non recovering) product junkie. I spend what little free time I have indulging myself with hours of tutorials on Youtube and (of course) buying more products. I've turned my bathroom into a mini spa with the amount of face masks, body scrubs, and oils I have! With my skin goals on Lupita Nyong'o levels, I'm trying to glow up in every way possible...

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