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Let’s Talk About Sex — What is Aftercare?

We talk about sex alot. When I truly think about it, I've talked about most parts of sex my entire life. We talk about foreplay—the lingering look in the eyes, the anticipation, the flirting, the rush of excitement and touch before the act. We talk about the actual act — the positions, the pace, the dirty talk, etc., We constantly talk (and I've been constantly asked) about introducing new things...

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F.U.B.U: Five Reasons Why “Brown Girls” is the New Web Series You Need to Watch

If you know me, you know I love a show that focuses on the daily struggles of being an "almost grown ass" woman. I've spent my college years dissecting each and every episode of Girlfriends, Sex and the City, and Girls and applying it to my life.  As the seasons of Girls continued not only did my distaste of Lena Dunham begin to rub off on the enjoyment of show, I realized how little...

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Dating in NYC: Words with Noëlle

One of the love languages that I relate to the most is physical touch or intimacy. When I feel comfortable enough with someone, I'm as affectionate as possible. I've realized that I'm an intimate woman who constantly finds herself around unaffectionate people or people who show their love in non-physical ways. So when I'm in a relationship or "in like with someone," I'm extremely hands on. Missing intimacy — lil introvert (@LifeWithJRDN) April...

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