If you live on the East Coast – or have been watching your twitter feed- then you know there is an “allegedly” huge snow storm on the way this weekend. The Tri-state and the DMV area are bound to get hit pretty hard during the first (and hopefully last) snowstorm of the season.


Whether you get to be snowed in with bae or it’s just you and your snacks, being bored during Snowmageddon 2016 is a huge no no. While many people are stuck on “Netflix and Chill”, there’s an entire world on Youtube filled with great web series just waiting to be discovered. So grab some hot chocolate and checkout these five dope Youtube web series that you should watch over the weekend!

For a show you AND bae will like: “That Guy”

Created by Jeanine Daniels, That Guy is a series that focuses on the relationship between three friends: Mike, Judah, and Dionne. While the beginning the series focuses on Judah’s playboy attempts to find his latest conquest, the following seasons focus on all of the friend’s love lives and mishaps from the male and female prospective. Checkout the hilarious first episode- which may remind you of a friend or yourself- below:

Honorable Mention: Anything on Black & Sexy TV is great to watch, especially Rider which has a great soundtrack!

For the Horror/Sci-fi Fan: “Surviving”

If you’re into zombies and “The Walking Dead”, this one is for you. The Reagan Gomez-Preston created series focuses on two sisters, Shayla and Lucy, who are forced to make it on their own after a “flu-like” virus takes over their city and the government does nothing to stop it. It’s great and refreshing to see a black female actress in a sci-fi based series, who is strong and doesn’t get killed in the first episode! Watch the first episode of Surviving below:

For the Hood Classic fan: “Money & Violence”

The Brooklyn based web series, Money & Violence, is perfect for those who enjoy hood classics such as “Paid in Full”, “Killa Season”, or “State Property”. Money & Violence focuses on Miz and Rafe’s day to day money hungry lifestyle of crime and scamming. The series is actually based on life and experiences of Moetivation, who plays Rafe. Season two of Money & Violence is set to hit Tidal very soon! So, if you’ve been sleeping on the greatness that is Money & Violence, checkout the first episode below:

If you love fast paced dramas, watch: “Close Friends”

Created by Ricky Jean Francois, Close Friends is about eight friends who share a lot more than a bond. The Florida based web-series tackles the things all 20 somethings go through including the friend zone, dating, and money woes. Each season is filled with more drama and plot twists-including a love triangle- which is bound to keep you glued to your laptop. Checkout the first episode below:

For those who miss their college days: Black Boots

Black Boots, created by Geno Brooks, took me right back to college. This web series follows Grant Boyer’s journey and struggles on his way to brotherhood at an HBCU. It was refreshing to watch a very realistic series that focused on some of the issues (including sexual assault) that go on within college. The web-series also gave a glimpse of what life is rumored to be like while line for a Greek organization. Yes, it goes there. Checkout episode one of Black Boots below:

What are some of your favorite web series? Let me know in the comment section!

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