Astrology and new moon rituals have been some of my favorite self care practices this year! While some rituals may seem a little overwhelming for some, simple practices have become necessary to help me stay on track or manifest new goals and release what no longer serves me no purpose.

Since the solar eclipse is going down Monday, August 21st, which just so happens to be during the height of  Mercury Retrograde, I got two of my favorite brown mystic babes to share a bit of their magic!

Shay, creator of the blog Mystically Inclined and intuitive reader,  breaks it all down and tells us how the eclipse will affect our horoscopes! While self care and skin advocate and healer, Asiah Mae, to shares her favorite and simple New Moon ritual! 

The new moon is the beginning of a cycle, which is why women tend to sync their menstrual with the moon (everything is connected, seriously). It’s no coincidence that this is also the time for planting new seeds and manifesting our goals. The energy surrounding this new moon in Leo is heightened by the Solar Eclipse and Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo. Seriously, this moon is no joke. Leo is already ruled by the Sun and this go-getter sign is all about the spot light. If you haven’t been ready to take your life by the horns, if you’ve never done a manifestation ritual, the time is now.

I like to keep my rituals simple, because I don’t like for people to feel overwhelmed. The most important thing is to remember: We are in control of our own destinies. The universe will provide what we need when we ask for it, but it is ultimately up to us to put in the work and meet the universe halfway. That being said, this new moon manifestation ritual is as follows:

You’ll Need:

3 candles: 1 white, 1 small black, 1 either yellow/orange/red/gold

A peace of paper

A bowl of water

Something to clear your space (sage or palo santo, if not you can mentally clear it out)

Crystals, incense, feathers, etc, anything to create your peaceful space.

20-30 min

Start by setting up your space. I like to go out on my balcony and surround myself with my crystals and light some incense. Turn on your favorite meditation sounds ( I have a playlist with lots of Solange and Tweet and soft voiced women, something to get my heart stirring). Sit down and light your black candle, asking for all spirits, entities and energies that do not align with your highest good to leave your space. Concentrate on those energies leaving your space for one full minute. Light your white and warm colored candles and prepare to write.

I always start off with this karma free clause. It states:

I accept these things into my life now, or something greater, for the greatest good of all concerned.

After that, begin writing your desires. Don’t think anything is too big or too small, write it ALL. Write from the heart and be sure to write with intention. Use words like “I am” or “I have” instead of  “I want” or “I need.” This lets the universe know that you are already accepting the things that you ask for as yours. When you are done, read your list out loud.

State each line intentionally and feel the energy of your words move around the room. Take your list and fold it underneath the warm colored candle, let that one burn throughout the night. Be sure to place it in something nonflammable or near water. Rest on those intentions.

The next morning, take your intentions and keep them somewhere you won’t lose it, but also somewhere you can’t see it and worry about it everyday. Just like a grandma says “Let go and Let God,” you have to trust the universe has got you covered. Revisit your list from time to time, and add to it (on a fresh sheet of paper of course). You’ll be surprised at how much you can check off your list. Happy Manifesting! – AsiahMae 

Take a look below and see what the solar eclipse has in store for you!



This eclipse is opening the door ways for new romance, Aries. Maybe you recently met someone, but it hasn’t gotten off to the start you hoped for. The energy from the eclipse is giving you the extra push to get the ball rolling! If it’s not love you’re looking for, this energy can manifest into a new creative project— especially since things are finally looking great for you on the career front. You might be sharing some of your ideas with people that could really help you take things further. Either way, be open to new people during this time, there are so many people that wants to get to know you and help you in anyway they can. 



Your home sector is being highlighted during this time. Did you recently move or gain a new roommate? Maybe you and your significant other are thinking about shacking up, you got that new job in another city, or even leaving home for the first time to start college. Whatever it is, you are being supported even if right now finances could be a little tight. Your finances should start to improve after the 24th. 



The idea that’s on your mind right now?  Write it down, blog it, youtube it, do whatever you have to do, just don’t keep it to yourself!  This month’s eclipse takes place in the communication sector of your chart. Gemini is also the natural ruler of communication so this is a very comfortable, but beneficial time for you. It can also be a good time to purchase a new car or take a short trip. 



Let’s start with all this extra money that is coming your way! Did someone just get a new job or a promotion? Maybe, you got promised a big check and you haven’t seen it yet. But don’t worry it’s coming. One thing about money coming in fast is that it means a lot of money going out fast too. Be careful of overspending. You probably have your eye on a big purchase and you finally saved up enough to buy it, just be sure it is really worth it. 



Lucky Leo, you have the great honor of hosting this month’s solar eclipse AND last month’s new moon. This is such a powerful time for you and all eyes are on you. The universe wants to grant all your wishes at this time, well maybe not all, but it’s down to show you a good time. This is the time for new beginnings all around. Don’t limit yourself, the possibilities are endless. 



This eclipse for Virgos is all about healing and releasing things that no longer suit you. This might be a quiet time for you, but it will bring you much needed clarity on some decisions you need to make. I advise to enjoy these last days of relaxation because as the season changes into Virgo later this week and the tempo picks right back up. 



For once, you’re making it all about yourself and you’re doing amazing, sweetie! You are definitely what I like to call “feeling mixxy.” This is a very social time for you and people want to hang out with you. This has really been your year to feel and look good, it may have took others or even you a while to notice but, now no one can deny it. So, call the homies up and enjoy the good vibes.


Scorpio, this eclipse is the beginning of the domino effect for you, meaning one good thing after another. Your career is highlighted and some major news is coming your way. Things may have been progressing slower than you’d like for, but you can look forward to a total transformation over the next six months. 


You are ready to explore something new and the universe is behind you. Are you ready to head back to school or are you planning a trip to somewhere you’ve never been? If you are planning on booking a trip, this really is the best time to get your last minute girl’s trip in. Your friends may be totally down and ready to split the cost, too! 


You are probably in over your head with expenses, but lucky for you help is on the way. If you are thinking about opening a credit card or taking out loan things will most likely work out in your favor. Just remember money borrowed is money owed. You may even get blessed with some money out the blue and it might be a significant other or family member that comes to the rescue. 


Love is in the air and you can’t deny it. I know how hard it is for Aquarius to express their deepest feelings, but if there is someone special in your life now is the perfect time. If you are at that point in your relationship, it’s also is the perfect time to “pop the question.” Whatever stage you are at, the universe is supporting you to take it a little further. 


Things have been pretty inconsistent on the job front, but is this finally the light at the end of the tunnel? This eclipse brings you a new sense of self worth that will reflect in your daily routine. This can mean a more stable job, renewing a contract or getting that promotion. You now might also want to take your health a little more serious, like having a consistent diet or workout regiment. 

*All horoscopes by Shay of Mystically Inclined! If you are unsure of your sign or AC (ascendent/rising sign) create a free personalized birth chart here.

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