This summer getting my nails done became one of my favorite self love regimens.

Every three weeks, I would hit my favorite nail salon Vanity Projects for their $40 gel manicure special. The salon located in Chinatown is known for some of their trendy nail art and being the home to many freelance nail artists.

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While some may think $40 is a bit much for a gel manicure, my nails and the dope design would last through me twisting my hair and washing dishes so it was definitely worth the investment!

Now that the weather has changed, I’ve become a bit more (okay, ALOT more) lazy when it comes to some of my self love routines. After noticing how terrible my cuticles were getting and missing my nails being a literal work of art, I decided it was time to get it together.


I spoke to nail artist and The Editorial Nail creator, Gracie J about some way to keep your nails (and toes) looking good this winter!


With Winter right around the corner, what are some of your hand and nail care regimens?

Always stay moisturized! The winter can be very drying to the skin and nails. A little bit more TLC and care to problem areas will go a long way. Routine cuticle oil application and an oil based lotion will do the job!

*Note: Vitamin E Oil has been working miracles on my cuticles and nails! You can purchase some for just $5 here.

What oils or hand creams you would recommend to keep our hands moisturized? Any of your personal faves?

Two words, COCONUT OIL!!!


I use it all over my body. To make sure my nails get in on the action, I warm up my jar (I let it sit in hot water in the sink), I dunk my hands in nails first and apply it all over my hands to seal in moisture after a bath.

With chrome and holographic nails being all the rage this summer, what trend do you think will be popular in the fall and winter?

Chrome nails are evolving, I think they’re still a hit. You can now get them in all sorts of colors/effects such as mermaid or pearlescent. There are  more options for those whom aren’t into just the gold and silver.


People tend to forget about taking care of their feet in the colder months, what are some ways you’d recommend women to show some love to their feet this winter?

Exfoliate and moisturize! Please! You want to be ready when warm weather rolls around. Removing dead skin and achieving health skin isn’t an overnight process. There needs the be constant care involved. Don’t wait until last minute.

You can see more of Gracie J’s nail artwork and book with her here.

Photo Credit: Sam Ushiro

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What are some ways you take care of your nails and feet in the winter? Let me know in the comment section!

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