The beauty that has come with Odd Future’s “breakup” is definitely that the members, who were overshadowed in the collective, finally get a chance to shine with their dope solo projects. Just think, if Odd Future was still a thing, would we be able to hear the greatness that is The Internet? Or MellowHype? What about Domo Genesis?

I’ve been a fan of Domo Genesis since he dropped No Idols —a collaborative project with Alchemist — back in 2012. The beat selection was great (of course) and Domo flowed over them with his weed infused lyrics. But my only issue with Domo was that he never seemed confident in his bars. It was almost as if he’d become content playing the background.

Four years later, it seems as if the California native has found the confidence I’ve been waiting on with his debut album, Genesis. On Genesis, Domo takes us on a journey to his success in the music industry narrated by a motherly guide who encourages the 25 year old throughout the tape. On the 12 track tape  which features collabs from  JMSN, Da$H, Wiz Khalifa, Anderson .Paak, and more— Domo’s wordplay and flow has grown tremendously.

On the opening track “Awkward Groove”, an optimistic Domo reflects on how his growth in the industry:

I’m looking for my destiny, take me on a blind date
Six figures making sure my mom’s straight
Whole clique stepping out on point looks like it’s prom date
Came a long way from getting paid doing that not say
Invested in my motherfucking self and now my stock raised
Knowing niggas steady getting guap, say
Look at me now
I got knowledge for every dollar made, so look at me now
I ain’t scared of none of my flaws, that got ’em shook of me now
So if you ever had a doubt about it, it shouldn’t be now (Nah)
I got ’em shook of me now
So if you ever had a doubt about it, it shouldn’t be now

Now that he has finally found his own sound, Domo is embracing it to the fullest. I’m looking forward to seeing more of his musical growth. Listen to Genesis and checkout the visuals to one of my favorite songs “Dapper” featuring Anderson .Paak below:

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