The weekends were made for brunch. Whether you do it to recap with your friends about the wild night before, vent about last week’s work woes, or to simply eat breakfast midday guilt-free, a good brunch can be hard to find. The perfect brunch spot has a good vibe, great drinks, and most importantly awesome food. Luckily with the many restaurants and cafes popping up in Harlem, I was able to find a gem in my own neighborhood.IMG_5664

Located on the corner of 139th and Edgecombe is The Edge. The new eatery blends Jamaican and British culture and cuisine while adding a bit of the neighborhood’s flair.


Upon arrival, my brunch buddy and I were immediately greeted and seated by the friendly staff. From a traditional English breakfast to waffles and jerk chicken, the brunch menu offered a variety of foods that would satisfy any picky eater (such as myself).

IMG_5596After deliberating over what kind of “food mood” I was in for the day, I went with the shrimp and grits while my best friend went with The Ultimate Edge Burger.  While waiting for our meals, we ordered the cafe’s popular drinks, the mango mimosa and rum punch. Is it really brunch if you don’t have a mimosa?



Outside of the drinks being pleasing on the eye (seriously they looked like something you could on see on Tumblr), they were good and strong.


After one too many mimosas…

Our food arrived shortly after our drinks and I was ecstatic!

Best Shrimp and Grits ever!

Best Shrimp and Grits ever!


The Ultimate Edge Burger

God in food form!

God in food form!

The Edge’s food was flavorful, delicious, and one of the top contenders amongst other Harlem eateries in the area. All in all, the cafe’s vibe and food will definitely keep me coming back! So if you live in Harlem or just find yourself exploring the neighborhood, make sure you check out The Edge for brunch!




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