As a product junkie, I know that shopping for products (that work well with my hair) can be overwhelming. I often find myself scavenging through multiple beauty supply stores in order to find just one particular product for my hair. That can get old real quick!

This is only half of my bad habit.

Luckily, I found a new black owned beauty supply that has become my new one stop shop!

IMG_1659 Located right on 121st and St. Nicholas is Vivrant Beauty. Vivrant Beauty is a one stop shop filled with body, hair, and skincare products that are either woman owned, black owned, or made locally. Some of the brands include (my faves) Flo+Theo, Becca, and awesome hair products from Baltimore’s very own Oyin Handmade.

Vivrant Beauty Pics-13

The hidden gem of Harlem is owned by former lawyer and fro-ed up beauty, Desiree Verdejo.


Desiree is very hands on at her store. As soon as I entered, I was welcomed with a warm smile and answers to my many natural hair questions. The awesome thing about Desiree is that she’s tried majority of the products in her store and is not afraid to give her honest opinion on them.

I found this extremely helpful since most beauty supply stores don’t have any product knowledge. That basically means if I don’t do my own research on the product, I might end up stuck with a product that doesn’t work well with my hair. Desiree even offered me samples for hair products I was skeptical about!

Vivrant Beauty Pics-31 Vivrant Beauty Pics-48 Vivrant Beauty Pics-30Outside of hair and skin products, Vivrant Beauty also carries hair wraps from The Wrap Life and many other accessories from brands I stalk on my Instagram feed!

Vivrant Beauty Pics-16

Vivrant Beauty Pics-52

Vivrant Beauty has easily become my favorite place, it’s Harlem’s natural girl haven! I ended up adding to my never ending collection of hair products with Oyin’s Honey Hemp Conditioner (which I now swear by) and Hello Coils’ Curlicue Custard.


Whenever you’re in the area, be sure to checkout Vivrant Beauty for all of beauty needs!

Vivrant Beauty Pics-47 Vivrant Beauty Pics-36 Vivrant Beauty Pics-50

What are some of your go-to spots? Let me know in the comment section!


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