It’s that time of the year again. The aisles of Durane Reade and CVS are filled with an array of pink and red heart shaped candies and oversized teddy bears. You probably have a million and one emails from clothing brands pressuring you to buy the perfect outfit. It is officially Valentine’s Day season.

Now, whether you have plans to be cuddled up this V-day, having a girl/guys night out, or even a just kicking it by yourself, your plans should include one thing — good ass food. This year the pagan holiday known as Valentine’s Day falls on Taco Tuesday. So why not fill your heart and stomach with some bomb ass tacos?

Here are some of the BEST taco spots to hit this Valentine’s…er Taco Tuesday!


Oso in Harlem has easily become on of my favorite taco spots uptown. Located directly across the street from City College, Oso offers the best fish tacos I have ever had. Now if you’re looking for a spot to take bae on Tuesday, this gem’s candlelit decor, strong drinks, and dope menu (the elote is a must try) will definitely impress him/her. With $4 tacos, you’ll be able to treat your significant other or yourself without breaking your pockets.

Did I mention there’s bottomless chips and guac? Thank me later.

Set L.E.S.

If a bar atmosphere is how you’re looking to spend your V-Day, then Set L.E.S. is your spot. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Set adds tacos to their menu. With their 3 for $12 deal, you’ll be able to cop any of their options including: Bulgogi Cheesesteak Taco, Tempura Fish Taco, Tempura Shrimp Taco, Banh Mi Chicken Taco, or the new Chopped Cheese Taco *side eyes*. Set L.E.S. has a happy hour from 5PM to 8PM.


Chinatown has a few gems in the neighborhood and Breakroom is one of them. You may have a tough time choosing the best tacos for its 3 for $10 option. Breakroom offers six different tacos to choose from as well as a veggie option. This is the perfect spot to kick back with your friends and chat over about old flames.

Los Mariscos

Pescatarian? No problem. Los Mariscos is the perfect spot for those who live for a good fish taco. This hidden gem located on the side of Chelsea Market offers fish and shrimp tacos for $3—which is a great price for the area— as well as ceviche, oysters, clams and much more.

Did I mention that the margaritas are to die for?

Cantina Rooftop

Two words: Oxtail Tacos. Located in midtown, Cantina Rooftop is a hot spot for those who are looking for an after work happy hour which lasts until 8PM. Cantina is on the pricer side, but the duck confit and oxtail tacos are worth it. If you and your crew are looking to turn up, the restaurant also doubles as a lounge and offers pitchers of their speciality cocktails.

El Atoradero Brooklyn

For all my Brooklyn friends looking for a taco spot in the borough, this is for you. Located on Washington Avenue, El Atoradero is a small restaurant offers ten different varieties of their tacos including two vegetarian options. El Atoradero’s blue corn tortillas which are made fresh daily are the restaurant’s staple.


With multiple locations in Manhattan, Tacombi is one of the more popular taco restaurants in the city. The tacos range from $3.49 to $5.49, but each location offers different tacos— the Flatiron location has the best variety. Tacombi is open from 11AM until Midnight which is perfect timing to grab a breakfast taco, dinner, or a late night snack.


I fell in love with Calexico after randomly stopping by their food cart in Soho over the summer. Calexico may be a food chain, but don’t get it twisted; this is no Chipotle! With two locations in the city and four in Brooklyn, Calexico offers eight different taco options including a “gringo” style taco for those who are less adventurous. The restaurant also offers 2 for 1 margaritas and beer during its daily happy hour from 4PM to 7PM!

Not just tacos…

For those who aren’t the biggest fan of tacos, here are some spots that offer a little bit more.

Ghost Donkey

No tacos on this menu, but the small restaurant in Soho has some spectacular nachos and drinks! Order an entire plate of chicken mole nachos… thank me later.

Casacalote Latin Bistro

Located in East Harlem and known for its tacos, Casacalote Latin Bistro offers larger plates for those looking for a fancier meal.

Which taco spot are you and your bae or homies hitting this Tuesday? Let me know in the comment section!


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