I’m a young woman still trying to learn the meaning of the word “budget.” But once Restaurant Week in the city rolls around, all of that goes out of the window. I’m on a constant search for the best food simply because that’s what I deserve, right?

NYC Restaurant Week officially kicked off on January 22nd and ends right before Valentine’s Day (Sorry, Guys!) on February 9th. Upon searching through this year’s participating restaurants, I noticed that their weren’t any vegan or Ethiopian options on the list. Because ya girl is a woman of the people (and let’s keep it real, NYC is way too big to eat bad food), here’s a list of my picks for Restaurant Week including the best vegan spots, happy hours, and Ethiopian spots to try in the city:

Personal Picks:


As a lover of Asian cuisine, Danji’s menu caught my attention almost immediately. Located in Midtown, the Korean eatery is running a brunch, lunch, and dinner special during Restaurant Week with a menu that includes: curry undon with kimchi, black angus short rib, an it’s famous honey garlic and Korean fire wings!

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Pera Soho

Mediterranean food is one of my favorite types of cuisine, so Pera Soho has been on my radar for a while. Located on 54 Thompson Street, Pera Soho is offering lunch and dinner specials that include its Portuguese fried calamari, marinated lamb chops and much more all for $29 during lunch and $49 for dinner. Perfect for a bite right before a night out in the city.

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Trendy Spots:

Beauty & Essex

If you wanted to try a new place simply for the aesthetics, Beauty & Essex is the place to go. Located in the LES, this Instagram-friendly spot is offering lunch and dinner specials everyday excluding Saturdays.

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Sofrito on the Hudson

Sofrito on the Hudson is one of Harlem’s most talked about spots. The new-ish Puerto Rican influenced restaurant is located right on the water and throws a different event every night. If you need a restaurant where you can eat and party for the low, Sofrito is for you!

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Vegan Eats:

Le Botaniste:

Located in Soho and the Upper East side, newcomer Le Botantiste is perfect for the plant-based person in your life or if you’re looking for a meat free meal that actually tastes good. Though Le Botaniste is not on the NYC Resturant week guide ( it’s more of a super healthy quick bite eatery), the shop is known for it’s hearty bowls, lunch deals, and organic wines.

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Seasoned Vegan:

One of the few great vegan restaurants in Harlem is Seasoned Vegan. The black-owned restaurant offers everything from soy chicken to the best vegan mac and cheese and desserts I’ve ever had in my life. Though they aren’t participating in NYC’s restaurant week, the prices are great for the amount of food you get and the warm atmosphere.



Located in The Height’s is Pocion— the vegan bar and eatery inspired by its Dominican roots. The new spot puts a refreshing spin on traditional empanadas and Pastelon De Platano Maduro—making it both healthy and delicious. It’s hand crafted drinks also made with medicinal properties, so you don’t have to feel bad about being a lush!

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Ethiopian Eats:

Tsion Cafe:

Located right between W.148th and 149th street, Tsion Cafe is one of uptown’s best Ethiopian restaurants and cafes. Slightly on the pricier side, Tsion offers traditional Ethiopian cuisine as well as some vegetarian options!



Best Happy Hours:

Bobwhite Counter:

Easily one of my favorite places— happy hour or not— Bobwhite Counter has my heart. Located in the L.E.S., this little spot is for its chicken and amazing happy hour deals. From 3PM to 7PM on weekdays, Bobwhite offers $5 chicken and beer, half off wine, and $3.25 chicken biscuits! If you want to stop by after happy hour, the prices are no more than $13 but the space does get packed quickly so there may be a wait!

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Brooklyn Moon:

Whenever I find myself in Fort Greene, I make sure to stop by Brooklyn Moon. The black-owned restaurant has an amazing menu and an even better happy hour! From 3PM to 8PM every weeknight, Brooklyn Moon offers $4 drinks as well as specials on its beers and food. On weekends, Brooklyn Moon’s brunch and $1 mimosas is what brings the crowd. If you stop by, get the calamari and thank me later!

What spots are you checking out during Restaurant Week? Let me know in the comment section!

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