Last week, I got the opportunity t0 attend Harlem’s first contemporary art exhibit, the Flux Art Fair. Held right on 125th street, the art fair featured hundreds of paintings,mixed media art, statues and much more.  IMG_0634

Upon entering, my boyfriend and I were greeted by volunteers, who handed us tote bags that were filled with gifts from the fair’s sponsors. The Corn Exchange Building was filled with photographers, journalists, artists, designers and those who simply admired the craft. The exhibit’s theme was “The 21st Century Artist is a Nomad”.


While walking through the two level exhibit, we were met by curators, who helped to explain the thought process and story behind some of the pieces. Many of the rising artists were present and able to speak their own truths about their work.

IMG_0612The beauty of going to an art exhibit is discussing (and sometimes debating) how you interpret the artwork. Every single piece in the studio was a conversation starter. “What do you think about this? ” “This is deep.” “Do you see Jesus in the picture?” “You think we’re ever going to have art money?” 


Some of my favorite pieces included: The 1998  “Pretty For A Black Girl” photography series (pictured above) by John Pinderhughes, “If You Look Closely” mixed media collage by Jamea Richmond (which was absolutely stunning in person), and all of Makeba Rainey’s works.



All in all, The Flux Art Fair was an amazing exhibit that ended too soon. Typically, I have only see artwork in galleries and museums downtown. But with art and culture on the rise in Harlem, it was refreshing to see beautiful works of art in my own neighborhood.

Checkout some more pictures from The Flux Art Fair below:

IMG_0721 IMG_0650 IMG_0659 IMG_0620 IMG_0688


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