1. I will get a job that I want, not one I need.


Since my time at WatchLOUD is coming to an end, I’ve been running into many people and companies who want to work, but don’t want to pay. While I could easily work for clout, exposure, and a ton of other things that won’t pay bills and go back to hustling three paying jobs just to maintain… I don’t WANT to. After coming from a job that not only paid me correctly and on time but also supported my passion, I don’t want to go back to anything less than that. So, I won’t.

2. I will become financially savvy.


Less “Treat Yourself” and more “Budgeting.”

3. I will travel.


I have this really weird thing where my dreams are more like premonitions. In my dreams, I can see everything from the places I’m going and people I’m meeting to the exact outfit I’m wearing. So, it’s only right I listen to my subconscious and hop on a plane right? First stop? Cuba in March!

4. I will continue my self love routines.


To be quite honest, getting my hair and nails done were things that I only did on special occasion— especially in college. But, now that I’m on a first name with a glass of champagne basis (okay, it’s really just Perrier) at my nail salon, I just can’t go back to my old life.

5. I will not be sorry for who I am.


I am a loud, sometimes obnoxious, most times awkward 24-year old who dresses like a little boy, enjoys tacos and being inappropriate via text after she’s had too much wine. I have learned that I’m not for everybody and that’s okay. I won’t apologize for that.

6. I will be more aware of when I need to give space and be the shoulder to lean on instead of constantly relying on others for support.


7. I will continue to be honest with myself and others.


8. I will stop romanticizing men.


… For real this time.

9. I will stop searching for comfort in men.


10. I will say no to things I don’t want to do without giving an explanation.

What are some things you’re manifesting into the weirdness that’s been 2017 so far? Let me know in the comment section!

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