Remember when I said I was a late bloomer? Yeah, I’m still learning about everything including makeup. While most girls mastered the art of the perfect cat-eye at 13, at 23 I still struggle with not stabbing myself in the eye with the mascara brush.

That being said, I have recently fallen in love with lipstick. I like to think of myself as a lover of nice things and lipstick just happens to be one of them.

A “Nightmoth” and Nars “Train Bleu” combo help to perfect my resting bitch face.

Mac's Nightmoth Liner x Nars' Train Bleu Matte Lipstick

Mac’s Nightmoth Liner x Nars’ Train Bleu Matte Lipstick

While a vibrant “Ruby Woo” lip gives me that extra “oomph”.


For a long time, I was a loyal Mac and Sephora customer. I have every lipstick and liner combo from Mac’s “Flat Out Fabulous” to “Honey Love” and “Cork”. And I’m a sucker for buying those “must have limited edition” lipsticks that just happen to look exactly like other lipsticks I have. There’s no problem with that, right? Well…other than the fact that I would spend $16 to $45 on lipsticks alone.

Don’t judge me, I live by the words “Treat Yo’ Self”.


After a while those add up. Now that I’m out of school and my first student loan payment is creeping up on me, I have to learn how to budget.


So after getting sucked into the world of beauty blogger Youtube, I found a solution to my not-so-bad habit. NYX Cosmetics.


NYX is a makeup brand that can be found everywhere from your local beauty supply store to Target. Though I’ve always been hesitant on lipstick from the beauty supply due to my mother’s “If your lips fall off, don’t call me” warnings, I decided to give NYX a chance. The prices of their lipsticks range from about $3.99 to $5.49 and come in glossy or matte finishes.

After buying “Power”,which is a soft pink lipstick with a satin finish, I immediately fell in love and went back for more. Who says you can’t be cute on a budget?

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Ladies, tell me what some of your favorite budgeted beauty buys are in the comment section!

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