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An Ode to Riding the Waves

People do not pass. Feelings do not change. But, time keeps going. Over the past three months, I've learned alot about emotions. While I thought being Pisces put me at an advantage of knowing my feelings, I've learned I don't know shit at all. Grief is the trickiest emotion of them all and you know nothing until you've felt it. You never learn that lesson until someone dies. But, it's...

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The Best Online Vintage Shops Curated for Curves

My style, much like my size, has changed alot over the years. But, one thing that remains the same is my love for GOOD vintage pieces. I started thrifting during my broke era —better known as college. It started as a quick and cheap way to find an outfit for the weekend or a party under $20, but quickly grew into one of my favorite hobbies. I've found everything from...

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What You Water Grows: A Guide to the Best Plant Shops in NYC + Tips

I think about motherhood alot more than I'd like to admit. Just the thought of the amount of responsibility that comes with taking care of another person (even myself) can be overwhelming at times. Somewhere between being stressed and making impulse purchases in the name of "self-care," over the last couple of years I have become somewhat of a plant mom. It was my first test at being responsible for...

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Sun Out, Skin Out!: A Breakdown to the Best (Clear) Sunscreens For Deep Tones

First things first, this post is long overdue! From skincare routines to answering emails and even texting people back (Sorry!), I haven't always been the most consistent. But, one thing I have been consistent with is my use of sunscreen! After my first trip to the dermatologist last year, which resulted in my first skin scare (yes, black people can get sun damage), I've been applying SPF religiously. The only...

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What happens to the writer who doesn’t write? The girl, with the words, who suddenly has none? The girl whose pen has suddenly ran out of ink? I write this in the notes section of my phone as the blank page of my WordPress taunts me. It asks "Where I’ve been, where my secrets and stories are?" The answer is simple: they’re stuck.  They've been stuck in the dark corners...

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Meet The Guests: Who are Niara Sterling & Leeza Joneé?

It's been a long summer! For the very first episode of season three of Dating in NYC, I spoke to Leeza Joneé and Niara Sterling about the forthcoming "cuffing season," healthy ego, and the importance of being intentional. Get to know the guests below: Meet Leeza Joneé, a poet, writer, artist, and curator of the Breathing Space. The New York native is a child of Sonia Sanchez with her latest...

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Eating by the Borough: A Real Guide to Good Eats in the City

NYC Restaurant Week takes place twice a year. And twice a year, I am disappointed with the list. Somewhere between the bougie restaurant picks —that require a dress code and a deep wallet— and the lack of meal options on the menus (I just so happen to be allergic to every millennial food trend under the sun from avocado toasts to coconut infused anything), I'm left playing Russian Roulette with...

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“Who the Fuck Am I?” A Word on Self Doubt

This blog—which has become an intro to what might as well be my future best selling novel— has turned three today. Three years of words, ideas, heartbreaks, and energy all compiled onto this thing called the internet. But instead of celebrating, I'm overwhelmed. Nowadays, I'm not even sure if I am even a writer. I grapple with the idea of if this is what I even want to do anymore....

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The Lingerie Project: How Does Sexy Feel?

My introduction of the word "sexy" came from the early 2000's video vixens. They were different from the Victoria's Secret models I convinced my mother to let me watch once a year during their runway show. These women had skin in variations of brown I had only seen in the 96 crayola box, yet somehow gold seemed to peak through in all of their shades. They were curvaceous in ways...

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The Lingerie Project: Seven Lingerie Brands to Rock This Valentine’s Day

In 2015, I sat in the middle of a Victoria Secret dressing room on the verge of tears. It was my first real Valentine's day— not any "makeshift and bullshit" Valentine's day—but a real one in a real relationship with a real man. I needed everything to be perfect. I spent the week purchasing tickets to the All Star celebrity game and planning out our weekend at the Air BNB...

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