One of those "I like MF DOOM" type girls trying to figure out life in her 20's.
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The Lingerie Project: How Does Sexy Feel?

My introduction of the word "sexy" came from the early 2000's video vixens. They were different from the Victoria's Secret models I convinced my mother to let me watch once a year during their runway show. These women had skin in variations of brown I had only seen in the 96 crayola box, yet somehow gold seemed to peak through in all of their shades. They were curvaceous in ways...

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The Lingerie Project: Seven Lingerie Brands to Rock This Valentine’s Day

In 2015, I sat in the middle of a Victoria Secret dressing room on the verge of tears. It was my first real Valentine's day— not any "makeshift and bullshit" Valentine's day—but a real one in a real relationship with a real man. I needed everything to be perfect. I spent the week purchasing tickets to the All Star celebrity game and planning out our weekend at the Air BNB...

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GOOD EATS: 10 Restaurants to Checkout During Restaurant Week

I'm a young woman still trying to learn the meaning of the word "budget." But once Restaurant Week in the city rolls around, all of that goes out of the window. I'm on a constant search for the best food simply because that's what I deserve, right? NYC Restaurant Week officially kicked off on January 22nd and ends right before Valentine's Day (Sorry, Guys!) on February 9th. Upon searching through this...

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The Time is Now: My Goals for 2018

It's been a while since I've written and as many of you know, I'm very transparent on my blog. I've had words sitting on my chest all year that I just haven't gotten out. I didn't make the time to do so. 2017 was a very transformative year for me. I've been every person that I thought I hated and could never be. I've seen sides of myself that made...

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THROWBACK: Oddisee on the Importance of Routines, Gentrification, and More

Being a writer in the age of the internet isn't easy—especially if you write about hip-hop. Many times you're forced to write about artists or topics you just don't connect with for a check. Other times, the pieces you love and dedicated alot of time and research to sit in the drafts just waiting to see the light of day. With the shutdown of sites like DNAinfo and Gothamist, it...

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New Person, Same Old Mistakes

History does not change, it only repeats itself. So when he texted me, I shouldn't have responded. When he expressed wanting to see me, I shouldn't have agreed. I knew better. We had damn near eight years of history between us and it always ended the same exact way. I was running late— 20 minutes to be exact, but it was worth it. I looked good. My chest bounced up...

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A Guide to Living Your Best Life For the Low This Fall & Winter

The kids are back in school, the leaves are starting to change colors and pumpkin spice lattes have arrived. All of this can only mean one thing— fall is officially here! Now for some, fall may mean that your social life is beginning to die and your seasonal depression is starting to kick in, but it doesn't have to be that way. Just like summers in the city, fall is...

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New Moon, Who This?: How the Eclipse Will Affect Your Sign + The Ritual You Must Try!

Astrology and new moon rituals have been some of my favorite self care practices this year! While some rituals may seem a little overwhelming for some, simple practices have become necessary to help me stay on track or manifest new goals and release what no longer serves me no purpose. Since the solar eclipse is going down Monday, August 21st, which just so happens to be during the height of...

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An Ode to the Men of My Past, Present, and Future As Told By “4:44”

I am the girl whose first introduction into Hip-Hop was sneaking her step-father's copy of Reasonable Doubt in her book bag to play "Dead Presidents II" on her CD player on her way to school.  I am the girl who begged her mother for a pair of S Dot Carters the moment they dropped. I am the girl who in 2004 watched in amazement as Hov tore down Madison Square...

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Summer in the City: A Guide to Finessing an NYC Summer

After a long and cold winter and spring that made many wonder if global warming was going to take away our best season, it's finally here. June 21st marks the first day of the summer solstice—  which means it's time to break out the pum pum shorts, jerseys, and actually make good on all those promises to travel to Brooklyn. It's "officially" spring now so I gotta make right on...

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