In case you missed it, what was once the holy grail of natural hair products, Shea Moisture rolled out a not-so-new promo on Facebook and Twitter. The month old video featured two red headed women and a light skin 3A hair typed woman discussing their self-imposed “hair hate.”

Now, the issue is not that Shea Moisture has chosen to broaden their demographic, the issue is it’s blatant lack of representation. Where are the women of color who’ve been scraping up $12 to $16 to buy curl enhancing smoothies when they weren’t BOGO? Or the women with type four hair who also use the products? The lack of visibility within the natural hair community is what set most of us off.

With rumors that the brand has secretly changed the formulas to its most popular products to open up to a more “diverse” audience and after yesterday’s fiasco, to put it bluntly— it’s quiet for Shea Moisture.

If you’re not in the mood or simply don’t have the time to break out the shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel to whip up your own products, I’ve got you covered.

Here are 20 black owned hair lines that deserve your hard earned coin. There’s even a couple of brands for the fellas because let’s be real, you were dipping in our curl enhancing smoothie too.

Mielle Organics

Available in CVS, Walgreens, Target, and more, Mielle Organics products are known to moisturize dry hair types. It’s most popular product is the Avocado Moisturizing Hair Milk which won CurlBox’s 2016 Awards.

Oyin Handmade

Made in the heart of Baltimore, Oyin Handmade is a personal favorite! Not only are their products extremely hydrating, but they smell amazing. The sweet-smelling Honey Hemp conditioner is a staple in my hair routine. Oyin Handmade can be found in Target, Sally’s, local beauty supplies, Vivrant Beauty, and their own salon based in Baltimore.

Camille Rose Naturals

If you want your hair to smell like cake or lavender all day and get the softest twist out of your life, Camille Rose Naturals is for you. Their most popular items: Algae Renew Deep Conditioner, Curl Maker, and Almond Jai Twisting Butter are available at Target, local beauty supplies, Walmart, Whole Foods and many more.

As I Am

Into co-washing? Try As I Am’s Coconut Co-Wash which only costs $9 and is available at all of your favorite haircare suppliers including Walgreens.

Eden Body Works

From its Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Milk to its Coconut Shea Curling Jelly (which is amazing for wash and go’s), Eden Bodyworks has something for everybody! Each collection ranges from $6 to $9.99, perfect for the natural girl on a budget!

Taliah Waajid

Taliah Waajid products such as the Curl Sealer are perfect for shiny twist outs and bantu knots. Each product has a label for which hair type it works best. This on which keeps you from buying products that won’t work well with your hair.

Qhemet Biologics

On the pricier side is Qhemet Biologics. Available in Sephora, Qhemet Biologics is a vegetarian, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly haircare line.

Madam CJ Walker

Known as a Sephora exclusive, Madam CJ Waker’s haircare line works with many different types of hair. Its collections are broken down by issues including: maximize moisture, tame frizz, smooth style, and nourish and restore strands.

Sunny Isle Castor Oil

Jamaican black castor oil is a staple to many natural haired beauties. It can be used to grow beards, eyebrows, eyelashes, edges and maybe even your bank account. Sunny Isle Castor Oil can be found in your local beauty supply and certain Durane Reades.

Sienna Naturals

If you’re into scalp treatments, split end sealants, and plant based masks, Sienna Naturals is for you. The brand can be found in Harlem’s Vivrant Beauty and online.


With its versatile collections, Briogeo’s products range from those with finer hair looking for volume to those with scalp issues searching for clarifying products. Briogeo can be found online, Sephora, Birchbox, and many more suppliers.

Mane Choice

Trying to grow out your hair? Mane Choice is for you. Not only does the brand offer hair vitamins, it also offers a children’s collection which can be found at Target, CVS, Walmart, and more major retailers.

Earth’s Nectar

If you have finer hair or you’re into light products, Earth’s Nectar is for you. Earth’s Nectar can be found online, Sephora, and Vivrant Beauty.

TGIN (Thank God It’s Natural)

If you’re looking for more definition in your hair styles, TGIN’s Twist & Define Cream will get your hair together! Ranging from $9 to $14.99, TGIN can be found at Target, Sally’s, local beauty suppliers, and CVS.

Girl + Hair

If you’re a protective style kind of girl, Girl+Hair is perfect for you. It’s products are best for cleaning, conditioning, an restoring your hair while in weaves, braids, and everything in between.


If you’re attracted to brands with great packaging, Soultanicals will definitely catch your eye. The vegan and environmental friendly products can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Meijer, and Harmon Face Values.

Shea Terra Organics

If you’re into oils that you can use on your hair and skin, checkout Shea Terra Organics.


If you’re need of products that translate well from curly to straight hair, E’Tae is your best bet. A complete list of where you can grab E’Tae is available here.

Modiê Haircare

If you’re located in the UK or simply looking to try something new, try Modiê’s Haircare moisturizing creme which can be copped from her official website.

Scotch Porter

I said I had the guys covered right? If you were caught dipping into your lady’s Shea Moisture one too many times, this is for you. Scotch Porter’s beard collection includes everything from a shampoo and conditioner to a balm and serum that’ll keep your beard hydrated and connected. Scotch Porter’s beard and hair collection can be found at Denny Moe’s barbershop, Vivrant Beauty, and online.

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